phantasmal baddies + faces

Still havent decided just what I want enemies in phantasmal to look like, heres where I am leaning:


also I suck at drawing faces, especially giving them specific expressions, so I started practising that today:


sooner or later I’ll get the hang of it and in a way tat matches my drawing style… I hope.

but really I spent most of my day playing FFX-2 and re-reading Venus Envy, its a really cool webcomic about teens with gender issues, its not the ultimate insight into being transgendered, but I can say there’s alot of stuff Zoe (the main chara) goes through and thinks that I had to deal with myself (though she’s been in much more serious situations than I ever have, I seem to be the lucky tranny no one ever picked on, or tried to kill for the leading role in the school play ^_^)

and whilst we are on trans-related bloggings; I’ve been taking hormones a while now and they recently started kicking in (and hard) so I’m blaming my big gap in game-making on puberty 2.0, but I’m finding my motivation to do it again and even did a little work on phantasmal today too, so yay 😀

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  1. E.L. says:

    Wow, those phantasmal beasts take piercings to a level above hardcore.

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