Halloween exchange with Dock

this is dock as EVA01 from neon genesis evangellion, didn’t know what to draw him as since I don’t know him all too well, at first I figured I could do him cosplaying bayonetta, whose clothes are her hair, but since this requires more hair than dock has it would be a naked dude with high-heel-guns, I figured that might be funny, but in the end I went with an evangelion costume, since, who doesn’t like evangellion?

(better plug the costume in or youll only get 5 minutes trick-or-treating!)

(better plug the costume in or you'll only get 5 minutes trick-or-treating!)

you can see dock’s rendition of me in costume along with all his other halloween exchanges here, his stuff is awesome as always, I strongly recommend checking him out 🙂

can space art blag posts well?

cannot 🙁

but at least when I do update theres plenty to see 😀








048 portal


goodness me, I hadn’t realised I was being so productive… I havent taken a breather for a few weeks, yet I dont feel worn out at all… perhaps I can push myself much more befomy next mental breakdown 😀

I can still draw!

it’s been so long I was worried I might have slipped, but after a couple of sketches I think I’m back to speed again, so I present to you, boombox:


boombox, get it? cuz… missiles explode… and… meh whatever, anyhoo despite me saying to myself  ‘Sophie, make an adventure game and work on phantasmal’, my mind keeps wanting to make a fighting game with characters as cool as I can possibly make, just because I don’t have to justify anything with them, it could be as outrageous as I want, whereas all my other projects I try to hold things together and be a bit more reserved.

Past, present and a robot fighting ninja based future

I found this meme on deviantart and decided to have a go myself:


Spent the weekend Ludum Dare-ing, details are on my main blog so I wont double post, theres also a timelapse too. 🙂

Day 24, much better :)


  • Total words: 42,589
  • Today’s words: 2,081

new chapters start at 95 (though I changed 94 a teensy bit too): Fair_Day24

writing was much better today, like Willem commented on the last post, after being stuck in a rut it builds up pressure and you work much faster afterwards, not only did I lay down a respectable wordcount I also arted plenty too. (not fair-related but meh)

first some more playing around with blender’s sculpt mode:


also I did some photoshop scribblings of a girl’s first day of training after joining cyborg operations (the first training exercise determines what parts of your body are better off mechanical):

cyborgtraining01I also heard a rumour that today the new version of blender would be released and I got all excited but its a no-show so far… apart from that though its been a pretty productive day for me 😀