Art Commissions!

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Art commissions are: CLOSED!Β (Sorry, check back later!)

So, want me to draw/paint something for you? here’s the process:

  1. Make sure commissions are open.
  2. Email me (with a description of what you want if you already have something in mind).
  3. I’ll give you a quote on what it will cost, or turn you down as gently as I can.
  4. I’ll draw a sketch to make sure I’m going in the direction you want, then start on the final image. (If you’re just commissioning a little doodle I’ll skip straight to the final thing)
  5. I show you a watermarked and/or small resolution version of the final image and ask for payment
  6. You paypal me the money, then I send you the final image.

some notes:

  • prices will vary depending on what you want, a small sketch of a single character might be around $15-30, a massive print resolution thing with colour and multiple characters/buildings/vehiclesΒ is going to cost more.
  • I want the right to display the finished work on the internet and elsewhere, though not at full resolution for bigger pics. If you *don’t* want me doing this, let me know and I’ll adjust the quote accordingly πŸ˜‰
  • I’m not against drawing porn/kink/furry/whatever stuff, but I do have some things I’m not comfortable with so if you want something in particular just say and I’ll let you know if I’m OK or not. also I promise I’ll not be judging you, everyone has something crazy that they are into after all πŸ™‚
  • Sometimes you’ll get the finished art a day after first getting in touch, sometimes it will take a couple of weeks before I get round to you. Either way I won’t ever ask for money until I have done the final work.
  • You will own the artwork, but if you claim that you made it I’ll hunt you down <3
  • If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, or email me πŸ™‚

For your reference here are some works of mine:


Leaperβ˜… prequel comic: Resisting the Nechrim

Spent today putting together this little comic, it shows the events right before the game begins, and shows off a little of the world πŸ™‚

until I figure out a better way to present it, here are the links to the pages:

That’s all for now, sorry if you were expecting another snarky/ranty blog post πŸ˜›

can space art blag posts well?

cannot πŸ™

but at least when I do update theres plenty to see πŸ˜€








048 portal


goodness me, I hadn’t realised I was being so productive… I havent taken a breather for a few weeks, yet I dont feel worn out at all… perhaps I can push myself much more befomy next mental breakdown πŸ˜€

Inactive? depends on your definition…

not been blogging, but I have been busy:


035 after a break I started over

036 the rod

037 floaty platforms

038 prototype enemy get

040 aeroscarp

041 AO

042 more AO

and phantasmal has a website now too: [ clicky ] (not that there is much there)


So I recently started drawing over livestream, heres the pics so far:



I announce on twitter before I broadcast, but in the future I’ll try leave a recording online so you can check back if you miss it πŸ™‚