Leaper★ prequel comic: Resisting the Nechrim

Spent today putting together this little comic, it shows the events right before the game begins, and shows off a little of the world 🙂

until I figure out a better way to present it, here are the links to the pages:

That’s all for now, sorry if you were expecting another snarky/ranty blog post 😛

4 Comments on “Leaper★ prequel comic: Resisting the Nechrim”

  1. Quinn says:

    Intriquing! 😀 Is the player character the pair of arms in the pit at the end?

  2. Jakob says:

    Ahahaha. I just realized that I’d love for more games to have similar prequels :). Good luck with the almighty-world-creating-god-beingness.

  3. Hey! I’ve been playing all your games and I love your work! I’m a design student at UCLA and I’ve just recently gotten into making games in Unity. This blog post really made me think, because when I started reading it, I assumed we would have the same excited opinion on it just because I felt like I connected with your games so much and you’re a girl and you played kingdom hearts and you make video games etc etc haha but anyway, from my viewpoint, I’ve always loved art. I have a feeling the art you saw was probably just a boring painting.. there’s a lot of art I don’t like, but there are some pieces I love. I remember back in high school there was a particular painting by Audrey Kawasaki I obsessed over. It was of a girl on top of a guy and she was looking back at you with a face… I think I was just young and hormonal but I couldn’t stop staring at this painting. I painted a lot myself those years but now that I’ve gotten into video games, I can’t imagine only painting static images. I’m running late for my next class right now but my point is, I’m so excited that video games are finally being seen as art because it’s such an expressive, interactive medium. It takes visual, audio, and everything else and combines it into one! It’s all art to me, but I think I just have a very loose idea of the term. okay I really got to go, I THINK YOU’RE COOL. haha bye!

    • Sophie says:

      Hey Nikita, just to be clear in case you’re referring to my ‘can art be games’ thing, that was totally satire 🙂 I know art can be a lot more than paintings, though paintings alone can be pretty awesome sometimes 😀

      anyway, thanks for saying neat stuff, and you sound pretty cool too! good luck with your games and whatever else you choose to do with yourself 🙂

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