Leaper★ prequel comic: Resisting the Nechrim

Spent today putting together this little comic, it shows the events right before the game begins, and shows off a little of the world 🙂

until I figure out a better way to present it, here are the links to the pages:

That’s all for now, sorry if you were expecting another snarky/ranty blog post 😛

Swift☆Stitch 1.1, Phone Phantom, Swift÷Swap, Leaper★ and NaNoWriMo

…man I am doing A LOT of things right now O__O. anyhoo, let’s get started!


the 1.1 version is available, for windows, Mac and LINUX! This update is mostly about running smoother than the last version, and it also brings across a few improvements I made whilst porting the game to iOS.

If you bought the game from me you can get the update from the download page, if you bought the game elsewhere, you can get the update from there whenever that service decides to do stuff 😀


Phone Phantom:

So for Indie Buskers I made a game called ‘Phone Phantom‘, I’m going to polish it up a little before I start selling it myself (like I am doing with my last indie buskers game, Rose&Time) but I’m super happy with it 🙂



This is something I started ages ago but put on hold, recently it’s started sitting on my mind so I’m finishing it so I can get on with other stuff, it’ll be primarily a mobile game, but I’ll consider putting it on PC in the future, not much reason not to.



I submitted Leaper★ to the IGF, wooo! 😀 mostly it’s getting to be pretty solid and when I am working on it now, it’s mostly on the art which is tiiiiiiiime conssuuuuuuuuuming. also I spoke to an awesome musician about making music for it, and he said yes. woo! 😀



I’m also taking part in NaNoWriMo this year too, if you’re taking part make sure to buddy me!


…so yeah, I’m doing a lot right now! 😀

Leaper★ Update Time!

I submitted Leaper★ to the IGF on time! \:D/

It’s still very rough in most places, but it’s coming together nicely I think 🙂

here’s a gameplay video for you, and here’s the website for it.

Not sure when it will be finished, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t this year. If you’re a Lottie’s Dungeon customer, it’s troublesome for me to give you the iOS version of leaper, so you will get a PC version as this game counts as part of what I owe you. 😉

I have no idea if I’ll release the PC version for everyone else (It really is meant to be played with a gyro enabled device after all). Android is a possibility I will look into if the iOS version does remarkably well (but most android devices do not have a good enough gyroscope. so don’t go making demands on me if your device can’t run the game 😉 )

What July is about: Leaper!

So, my main thing right now is Leaper, the game pictured in that picture right there. and I’m pretty excited about it!

see, what it is, is an iOS gyroscope game, that’s all touchy and movey and stuff and as far as I know there isn’t anything like it yet. see, I had this:

which is really just a re-graphiced, iOS’d version of this.

I basically had that, just about ready to go, but I’ve been sat on it since I didn’t think I was using the idea to it’s full potential. then Terry said “how long would it take you to finish it?” and I said “Give me a deadline!” and he said “the end of the month.” and then I said “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

so of course the first thing I did was gutted the game entirely and started from scratch! because I’m a moron, but I figure if the reason I was down about it before was because I wasn’t happy with it, then I have to make it something I AM happy with 🙂

so here’s what it is/will be and stuff:

  • point your iOS device somewhere to look there!
  • walk around, jump around, jump climbing and so-on!
  • talk to characters who are super cute but being oppressed by a villain!
  • controls in the game world are *in* the game world, just touch them, drag them etc on the screen 🙂
  • to carry items, you actually have to hold on to them 😀

a lot of this probably doesn’t sound as cool as I think it is, but trust me it’s super cool when you actually give it a go!

my current progress with it is that I have some NPCs modeled, all the game verbs are there, there’s loading & saving and such. I just need to tie it all together by making the game locations, adding a few minor systems and testing the crap out of it. as of today, I have two weeks to do all that!

not too tricky you might say, but you would be an idiot to think that! and what’s more I have other things to work on too, I’m making some cute animal models for a game Michael Todd is working on, and I need to get the Swift*Stitch iOS update together too.

so that’s my July, busybusybusy! but exciting, and if all goes well come August I won’t be looking for another job! 🙂

(Lottie’s Dungeon people; I know I said I’d give you all non-Lottie games I make before I release Lottie, but this one will be a little tricky on account of the iOSness. but I’ll make it up to you as best I can, promise 🙂 )