Video/Stream policy for my games

Yes, you can put up videos of any parts of my games on any website you please, for any reason you please.

Yes, you can also monetise them.


  1. No hate speech, at all (in videos/streams of my games or others)
  2. Don’t plagiarise me (don’t claim my work as your own)
  3. When it comes to music rights, I’m always gonna side with my musicians (details below)


more detail on music:

When I license music I usually do it just for inclusion in the game, I do not have permission to say you can include it in your videos. The people I work with make money through sales of OSTs and tend to need that money. So if they think you’re making things hard for them, I will side with the musician.

That said, I highly doubt any of them will ever flag your videos, but I’ll never say never on this one just in case.

Specifically for each game using musicians other than myself, here are the artists and policies (if I know them):

Swift*Stitch / Linear Gear Solid / Rose&Time Remastered:

Rose&Time (original versions) / PhonePhantom / Super Tapfighter:

  • Kevin MacLeod
  • His licences are here. I understand it is free and fine so long as you give credit (If you show my game’s title screens, the credit is already there)

There Shall Be Lancing:


Any other game and you have full permissions to do what you please as far as recorded video goes.