Swift☆Stitch 1.1, Phone Phantom, Swift÷Swap, Leaper★ and NaNoWriMo

…man I am doing A LOT of things right now O__O. anyhoo, let’s get started!


the 1.1 version is available, for windows, Mac and LINUX! This update is mostly about running smoother than the last version, and it also brings across a few improvements I made whilst porting the game to iOS.

If you bought the game from me you can get the update from the download page, if you bought the game elsewhere, you can get the update from there whenever that service decides to do stuff 😀


Phone Phantom:

So for Indie Buskers I made a game called ‘Phone Phantom‘, I’m going to polish it up a little before I start selling it myself (like I am doing with my last indie buskers game, Rose&Time) but I’m super happy with it 🙂



This is something I started ages ago but put on hold, recently it’s started sitting on my mind so I’m finishing it so I can get on with other stuff, it’ll be primarily a mobile game, but I’ll consider putting it on PC in the future, not much reason not to.



I submitted Leaper★ to the IGF, wooo! 😀 mostly it’s getting to be pretty solid and when I am working on it now, it’s mostly on the art which is tiiiiiiiime conssuuuuuuuuuming. also I spoke to an awesome musician about making music for it, and he said yes. woo! 😀



I’m also taking part in NaNoWriMo this year too, if you’re taking part make sure to buddy me!


…so yeah, I’m doing a lot right now! 😀

Day 27, copy/pasta on this scale is almost painful D:

Didn’t write a single word today so I’m not going to bother with the stats, but I did set up a new wordpress installation on my site for the novel so people could read it online more easily than the pdf. you can check it out here, but it’s more or less the same as the last pdf.

however, I didn’t realise just how much goes on in my story until today, it hit me twice, once when I thought ‘oh I’ll list all the illustrations I want done’, and that turned out to be 100+ and it hit me the second time when I made the chapter list.

now I know a fair few of my chapters are deliberately short for example:

Chapter 91: Some time passes.


however even still, alot more happens in this book than I was expecting, there are alot more battles, relationships and backstory things than I ever expected there would be. I guess writing is as suprising for the author as for the reader.

anyhoo, that’s me done for today, I recenlty had an an injection that screws with my hormones and makes me tired so I’m off to bed.

oh, btw if anyone knows any fansubbing group that releases kampfer the day after it airs I’d be very much in your debt ^_^

Day 26, I win at NaNoWriMo :D

yep, I hit the 50k mark today, the story is ‘whole’ it just lacks polish.

  • Total Words: 50,771
  • Today’s words: 4,494

looks like today was the biggest word count jump since the first day, awesome 😀

bit trickier to say ‘new chapters start at X’ today since I wrote the end yesterday, so heres whats new:

Added chapters 5-B, 17-B, 95-B, 119-B and added extra stuff to the end of chapters 10 and 15, as well as I got started on the ‘authors notes’ section where I explain plenty of stuff I find interesting 🙂

heres the latest version: Fair_Day26

the story additions were mostly stuff that needed fixing up (such as taking the time to establish Doll and the samurai’s relationship, and Mrs Irfan’s departure before Claire set off himself) but I also added stuff that wasn’t even hinted at before such as depicting Cadence’s fight where she get’s her third glow, and also our Trio of hero’s being ambushed on their way to Koob and one of our antagonists arranging it.

oh, also today I went through the whole thing and corrected the spelling, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. 🙂

suffice to say, I’m very pleased with myself for getting this far perhaps too pleased but I don’t care) but I’m not done yet, theres a few things I want to tidy up still before I call it ‘november complete’ and I want to make a fresh cover and a crapload of illustrations too.

anyhoo, heres some stuff and my certificate:


This shows a counter and my progress for the month :)

This shows a counter and my progress for the month 🙂

My certificate, its definately lame, but I earnt it so I don't care :)

My certificate, its definately lame, but I earnt it so I don't care 🙂

anyhoo, I’m going to turn on the beatles, and head off to bed. (yep, early bedtime is the best reward I can give myself, screw chocolate! ^_^)

Day 25, finished… the story!

Yep, the story is now done, I even wrote ‘end’ after it. not hit the magic 50k quite yet, but its definately within my grasp 😀

  • Total Words: 46,277
  • Today’s words: 3,688 (booyah!)

new chapters start at 103: Fair_Day25

From here on I’ll be going back in and adding descriptions and a few edits where they are needed to bump up the word count but as far as I’m concerned finishing the story was the milestone I was most concerned about so I’m very happy today. 😀

also I worked more on that sketch I uploaded yesterday, I kept flipping back between writing and colouring and this is where I’m up to:


Still more to do on that too but I like how it’s coming along. anyhoo I’m going off now, lots to do tommorow so I gotta be ready 🙂

Day 24, much better :)


  • Total words: 42,589
  • Today’s words: 2,081

new chapters start at 95 (though I changed 94 a teensy bit too): Fair_Day24

writing was much better today, like Willem commented on the last post, after being stuck in a rut it builds up pressure and you work much faster afterwards, not only did I lay down a respectable wordcount I also arted plenty too. (not fair-related but meh)

first some more playing around with blender’s sculpt mode:


also I did some photoshop scribblings of a girl’s first day of training after joining cyborg operations (the first training exercise determines what parts of your body are better off mechanical):

cyborgtraining01I also heard a rumour that today the new version of blender would be released and I got all excited but its a no-show so far… apart from that though its been a pretty productive day for me 😀