the origin of BOXGAME

BOXGAME is based on a prototype I worked on at university with a very cool group of guys.

Admittedly, I was not the team member who put in the most work (I actually vanished near the end of development to work on my own stuff) but the rest of the team did a brilliant job on the prototype as you can see:

The awesome team that pulled this off was:

  • David Webb – Team Leader (and developer of Hexothermic)
  • Will Eades – Lead Designer
  • Karl Mitson – Lead Programmer
  • Chris Chadwick – Artist
  • Lee Adam – Artist
  • Wendian Liu – Artist
  • Edward Addley – Programmer
  • Sam Earl – Programmer

Everyone really demonstrated that the concept was pretty cool, and I wanted to take what I liked about it and go with it in my own direction, and BOXGAME is the result.

as a side note, I think most of the guys in the team are looking for jobs, so if you’re looking for insanely talented and driven developers you should look no further than these guys 😉

2 Comments on “the origin of BOXGAME”

  1. GetLives says:

    Very nice prototype. I like the graphics, but the way it pauses as it takes corners and edges, well, that’s just annoying. Haha. I like your version.

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