So if you’re wondering why I havent been making posts about phantasmal, I took a couple of weeks off to work on this (I get a little crazy if I havent released a game in a while =p).

anyhoo, you can play it on my site, or on GameJolt.

new levels are comings soon ๐Ÿ™‚

13 Comments on “BOXGAME”

  1. Scarybug says:

    This is great fun! I have a little trouble telling how I’m changing gravity in some of the later levels. Also, is there a way to get those little blue bears in the early levels?

  2. Sophie says:

    Scarybug » how to get the bears? well they only appear after opening the door, after that you’ll have to figure it out yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. CROS says:

    Woo, yeah! Thanks for throwing the game up on Game Jolt! I’ll definitely be sure to try it out later. Looks pretty sweet.

  4. Radek says:

    A simple but very interesting premise. In the later levels, I did find visualizing the spacial and gravity shifts a little difficult, but I suppose that’s at the core of the game. A little trial-and-error would usually lead to the exit, though.

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  6. Vezquex says:

    Amazing game built from intuitive concepts. Time well spent for our playing and your developing. Thanks!

  7. Lhyzz says:

    Hey, I found this game through jayisgames, and I managed to get through all the levels. It was a lot of fun. The consensus amongst the jayisgamers (and I’m with them), is that it’s difficult to know what we’re even doing to shift the gravity. Could you please be a little more explicit about that control?


  8. Sophie says:

    Lhyzz » sure, after reading the comments it seems alot of the difficulty is from how jumping around corners works, which is understandable as it happens very quickly and it wasnt really something I could build up to…

    does this help?

  9. Geezie says:

    Do you get any xtra if u find all bears? me and my friend got all, nothing award? BOXGame =
    Gr8 Game

  10. Sophie says:

    Geezie » no I’m afraid, only the knowledge that the bears are safe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Willem says:

    This arcade world is mindblowing. You definitely have some wicked 3D insight. I love it, but it”s hard going down the stairs after playing. I don’t remember which limb actually goes first.
    If you ever need some music for your games, just email me.

  12. Sophie says:

    Willem ยป you forgot how to go down stairs!?! It should really be a bad thing but I’m proud my game is so harmful ^_^ there’s something wrong with me lol

  13. Willem says:

    I managed to learn new stair-climbing techniques actually, so it’s not all bad. Luckily i could remember some old Capt’ Keen tricks, so now when my head goes first, i still get down in one piece. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You definitely should be proud

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