Mega Popoidz

So last night I made a thing for a glorious trainwrcks thing, and I liked it so I fixed it up some today and made this 🙂

I’ve been entertaining the idea of making it a “Pay if you want” thing, but I figured if I was going to have to ask for money I’d need to do proper testing and set up a web page and products in fastspring and what-not, but I couldn’t be bothered! so here, have it free and if you desperately want to give me money after then you buy something I’m actually selling (did you know swift*stitch is on sale this week from IndieVania, IndieCity and Desura?)

Controls: Arrow keys + X



If you set a score you are happy with, let me know! my record right now is 747


since it was requested in the comments, there are now linux builds: 32-bit and 64-bit.

and just because I could, there’s also an iOS version


20 Comments on “Mega Popoidz”

  1. Coues Ludovic says:

    No fullscreen on linux ?

  2. Peter says:

    Cool, decompressed and tested!
    A resizing for netbook user’s (1024×600) like me, would be a neat feature 😉


  3. sinoth says:

    Love the vector graphics! Some perfect storm of events happened and when I died the sound was REALLY-REALLY-SPEAKER-RIPPING-LOUD. Hope your future games babysit the sound buffer a bit more vigilantly 🙂 Enjoyed myself and got a high score of 700.

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  5. Awesome ! And thanks for the Linux builds (Linux 64bits working flawlessly, btw).

    I really dig this whole “drawn with lines” style of yours!

  6. dikidoom says:

    Hey, this is a really nice take on many classics that I enjoy! And it manages to be both modern and reduced in its approach. Cool work!

  7. dikidoom says:

    Managed to hit 816 by moving only when absolutely necessary and releasing a steady stream of lightning in regular intervals. Didn’t work a second time, though 🙂

  8. Rick says:

    My highscore is 1280 so far. Tried quite a while, but haven’t beat it yet. I tend to be killed by the purple shrapnel the most.

    I see all the inactive objects have a certain transparency and the ship and weapon trails are always fully opaque. I thought the weapon trails were a little distracting. I would like to see the segments closer to the ship be more transparent when they are released, then have the whole trails fade slightly with age. I found it was possible to have several flocks going at the same time and this would make them less distracting.

  9. Adam says:

    1243 is my high. I like this, it’s one of those games where you can get into a (very fragile) groove.

  10. As a big fan of Linear RPG, I’m liking this. A bit hard and a bit rough, but still neat.

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  12. Rick says:

    Still trying to beat my highscore. Anyway, I really like this, so I wanted to give another suggestion to maybe try. I was thinking it might be better to have the tilting reversed so its tilting the ship towards the camera as opposed to away.

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