Mega Popoidz

So last night I made a thing for a glorious trainwrcks thing, and I liked it so I fixed it up some today and made this 🙂

I’ve been entertaining the idea of making it a “Pay if you want” thing, but I figured if I was going to have to ask for money I’d need to do proper testing and set up a web page and products in fastspring and what-not, but I couldn’t be bothered! so here, have it free and if you desperately want to give me money after then you buy something I’m actually selling (did you know swift*stitch is on sale this week from IndieVania, IndieCity and Desura?)

Controls: Arrow keys + X



If you set a score you are happy with, let me know! my record right now is 747


since it was requested in the comments, there are now linux builds: 32-bit and 64-bit.

and just because I could, there’s also an iOS version



more a toy than anything, but people seem to enjoy playing with it so here you go.



Download: Windows

Crumpet Vs the Tunnel

A quick game I made while I was on the train between home and uni, I was trying a unique score counter out too.



Download: Windows

Shout n’ Dodge

Originally made overnight as a test for microphone input based games, when weebl offered money to game devs for games to put on his site I suggested this and he went with it, modding the graphics and making his own audio. and his version can be played here.



Download: Windows


My first attempt at a ‘pure’ artgame, made for a mini ludum dare hosted by increpare.



Download: Source