WritingFantasy 1.1.0 and Gordian Book

This update is kind of a big one, kind of the biggest yet! To explain it, here’s a story!

Yesterday I made a minor WritingFantasy update and posted about it. This had me bump in to the creator of Gordian Book, and we found out we’d been working on really similar things.

Both Gordian Book and WritingFantasy take Twine format stories and make gamebooks from them. With a little work we’ve been able to add a decent amount of compatibility between the two, and in the process uncover bugs and improve things.

tl;dr: WritingFantasy now has support for a bunch of Gordian Book features/tags, and the reverse is true too, so if you have written a story for WritingFantasy, you can probably use Gordian Book to get a better print or pdf version of it.

WritingFantasy guide and format links are here, as ever.

and if you’re curious about the changes, I have a changelog now!