SWIFT☆STITCH is now available for iOS!

yep, so that totally happened! thanks to the help from the wonderful guys at Nicalis, you can play SWIFT☆STITCH on your fancy touch-screen apple thingies 🙂

it’s free to try so download it now and let me know what you think!

Buy Swift*Stitch for iOS on the apple app store

(yes, this is what I was talking about whenever I mentioned a ‘<secret project>’ before now 😀 )

7 Comments on “SWIFT☆STITCH is now available for iOS!”

  1. Amidos2006 says:

    Just curious why its free on iOS? 😀

    Note: if you didn’t see my tweet you forgot to link the button to the iTune page 🙂

    • Sophie says:

      fixed the link, thanks!

      it’s free to download and try (you get 10 levels + endurance mode), and it’s a $1 in-app purchase to unlock the rest of the game (it will be $1.99 after launch week)

  2. Lockment says:

    Hey Sophie!

    I tried out the game and it’s pretty damn neat. Gotta say though, in the first few levels and there is already a bug. Sometimes, when you moves through a direction change thing it doesn’t work. I crashed 3 times because of it. As far as I know, only happens in speed level 4. If you can, please fix it =D But pretty good overall.

    • Sophie says:

      heya, this sounds like something I’ve not come across, is there any chance you could make a recording of it happening for me? I can’t reproduce it myself or find anything in the code that could be causing it.

      • Lockment says:

        OK, I’ll try to do that. Don’t know if I can though… XD

      • Lockment says:

        Well, dang. I can’t seem to make it happen anymore after about 50 times of doing it. . .
        But, i can tell you where it happened before.
        it happened at level 5, the second blue line. It only happened a few times, no more than 3. Sorry for reporting a that is (probably) not there. Maybe a FPS lag because iPhone. Who knows XD

  3. DaveJames says:

    Just downloaded this from the AppStore, and had to come and say that I thought it was ace. Unique idea, great execution and good selection of background beats. Five stars.

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