Rose and Time

So this weekend I made a game live along with the other Indie Buskers, based on the submitted theme (by theneonheart):

Time travel stealth game where you are avoiding copies of yourself from the past/future.

I think it went pretty well! at present the game has 10 levels (some of which I think you will be stuck on for a while!), but there are more on the way soon 🙂

>> Buy now as part of the Indie Buskers bundle (Pay what you want!) <<

and for the weirdos who are thinking ‘damn, I wish I watched the entire livestream!’ it’s ok, you can watch every minute on my page.



Now available on its own here! Demo too!

I fixed it up, and brought the number of levels to 20. enjoy! 😀

7 Comments on “Rose and Time”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This game was not fun. I don’t think anyone should buy it.

  2. emtilt says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I just played through this game and thought it wonderful. Brilliant idea!

  3. O. Beige says:

    Apollies this is a year late; it took a while to figure out how I feel about this game and why.

    I suspect your little game may basically be the Battlezone of paranoid time-travelling stealth. Seen in that light, it may explain why people seem to sometimes have a bit of a mixed reaction to it, or fail to recommend it to their friends; one of the more interesting things I ever learned from Retro Gamer is that people didn’t actually *like* Battlezone that much when it first came out in the arcades (presumably because getting shot by something you couldn’t see was a shockingly unfamiliar sensation to 2D gamers).

    Of course, the general FPS concept didn’t really take off until id made around five lesser-known prototypes and put in a helpful little character portrait to tell you how you were supposed to feel about what was happening on-screen. Given who you are, there’s nothing really keeping you from being able to pull off a trick like that yourself rather than waiting for some bratty shareware upstarts to do it in your stead.

    (And in fact, given that the average indie tends to go after low-hanging fruit, it may be that there aren’t anyone else who’s able to for at least some time to come.)

    Anyway, in case you can’t tell, I liked it a lot.

  4. Hyo says:

    I am enjoying it a lot, some puzzles are really interesting, thank you for making this game ♥

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