Rose and Time on OUYA

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I’ve been putting together an OUYA version of Rose & Time lately, and it just went live on the OUYA store! 😀

The first ten levels are free, and you can unlock the rest for $2.99 $7

If you don’t have an OUYA (you’re missing out, get one if you can!) the last release of the game is still available for Windows/Mac/Linux over here. 🙂

rose screenshot 2

6 Comments on “Rose and Time on OUYA”

  1. SketchyRaccoon says:

    Just been playing this on the Ouya, I’m down to the last few levels and I’m really loving it. Kinda reminds me of the indie game “Time Slip” on the PS1, same central idea, but completely different execution.

    I suppose it’s a bit early too ask if there’s a follow-up game (seeing as I haven’t seen the ending yet!) but I’d definitely be interested in seeing more 🙂

    • Sophie says:

      I do sometimes think about continuing Rose’s story, or picking it up much later, but I am happy enough leaving it as it is too 🙂

      so I guess that’s a ‘maybe’, but if it ever did happen it would almost certainly be a very different game.

  2. Just played through the game and loved it. The concept is absolutely wonderful and very original. A mini-classic =)

    I found the level with the clock very helpful for timing my moves. Might be a neat thing to use in every level.

    It might be a neat idea to have an “absolute time” counter that tracks “how long” (ughh meaning is slipping away here…) it took you to finish so you can challenge yourself for replay value.

    I’d love to see more levels in the future.

  3. Plukh says:

    Just stumbled upon this game a couple of days ago, in the evening – and stayed playing well into the morning hours. I generally don’t like puzzle games, but the concept of this one is simply *brilliant*.

  4. tupelocase says:

    I cannot wait to pick this up when my Ouya arrives. Just curl up in my new dorm with headphones and go :3

  5. Mike says:

    I tried out a few levels of the demo and found it intriguing and very challenging. My wife, who isn’t a gamer by any stretch, gave it a shot and absolutely loved it. She got to level 17 without even knowing about the cover your eyes button. Heh, her take on it is that “it’s a lot like organizing and planning things”, which she loves.

    Big kudos to you, Sophie. I think this concept is amazing and I’m blown away to find the second ever video game that my wife has seriously enjoyed. We would definitely buy a sequel, were it to ever appear on the OUYA. You’re awesome.

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