Pirate Kart, hacked site, pixexix for mac and more!

so then, coolest news first, this weekend I made 16 games for pirate kart! 😀 you can play them all in the browser here, and you can download the unity source project over here. and if you have a taste for rushed, silly games (you classy person you!) you can take a look at some of the other entries here.

one of the games I made was "Pirate Kart Racing" - yeah, I went there.

in other news, some robot or asshole decided to make a bunch of work for me and hacked my website! I’ve changed all my passwords now, reinstalled a few things and will finish clearing up some corners of the site I’ve wanted rid of for a while now. and if I can find the time, I’ll figure out a way to move the games page over to this wordpress blog too, since wordpress is nice.

in other other news, I have new toys! not sure if I can really talk about it, but this is a thing:

Pixexix not on windows!

I totally got Pixexix working on OSX, it’s the number one demanded feature after .PSD support, and .PSD support is hard, SO HERE WE ARE!

Pixexix for OSX is only available for the pro version (free OSX version will be available when the software hits v0.7), and is a temporary, alpha-alpha super sketchy release, but it works (and has features the windows version doesn’t have yet!) so if you’re one of the handful of people who own pixexix and want it on your apple whatsit (and don’t mind using a half finished version), head to the download page!

Oh, also I will have the new SSX soon, if you want to add me on your sony gaming device, I’m ‘GirlFlash’ (warning, I’m goooood at SSX 😉 )


4 Comments on “Pirate Kart, hacked site, pixexix for mac and more!”

  1. Phil Hoyt says:

    Pixexix look really awesome! Sucks to hear about your site getting hacked! If you need any wordpress help feel free to contact me. I am a professional web developer and I am always looking to help others for free!

    • Sophie says:

      THanks for the offer, had you made it before the hack I probably would have taken you up on it, but since then I’ve been feeling web-brave so I’ll have a go doing the things I need doing myself 🙂

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