Leaper★ Update Time!

I submitted Leaper★ to the IGF on time! \:D/

It’s still very rough in most places, but it’s coming together nicely I think 🙂

here’s a gameplay video for you, and here’s the website for it.

Not sure when it will be finished, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t this year. If you’re a Lottie’s Dungeon customer, it’s troublesome for me to give you the iOS version of leaper, so you will get a PC version as this game counts as part of what I owe you. 😉

I have no idea if I’ll release the PC version for everyone else (It really is meant to be played with a gyro enabled device after all). Android is a possibility I will look into if the iOS version does remarkably well (but most android devices do not have a good enough gyroscope. so don’t go making demands on me if your device can’t run the game 😉 )

3 Comments on “Leaper★ Update Time!”

  1. On the one hand I really see why you would want to keep it portable devices-only for the gyroscope gameplay, on the other, there’s no way to become a Lottie’s Dungeon customer at the moment 😮

    And I will not hold my breath too much for an Android version, as I guess it would be a huge burden on you. It would be great, but the game looks like it deserve a top-notch showing. If the devices cannot give it justice…

    Anyway, once again, good luck with the IGF!

  2. Jacob says:

    I’m a little confused. Why are you not sure if you’ll release it on PC if it is going to be ported (so you can give it to Lottie’s Dungeon buyers) anyway?

    I would definitely buy it for PC if you released it.

    • Sophie says:

      Well I’ve decided that I’ll give lottie customers every non-free game I make until they get what they payed for, and PC is the only way I can really give them Leaper.

      But just because I can put it on PC doesn’t mean I should, it’s meant to be played with a gyroscope and touchscreen. i won’t know if I’ll still be happy with it when I take those things away. If I am happy I’ll have a PC port for sale, if not I’ll only be giving it to lottie customers 🙂

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