Here’s a list of all my games, if you want something a little more polished and to help me buy food, check out the games in my shop 🙂

Dinosaurs Didnt have keyboards…
...but if they did, they wouldn't break (like yours is about to) A game about being a dinosaur running as fast as you can and jumping over lava. (made in 48 hours)
I made this a while back and its got a nasty music bug, but plenty of people seem to enjoy it (they prolly have broken speakers) so here it is.
Yet another Ludum Dare game, this time its a hoverboarding thingy where you do tricks and combos to get as high a score as you can.
A puzzle platformer where you must re-orient yourself to get to the exit. Made in a little under 3 weeks, and based on a student prototype 'QB'
The Linear RPG
A 48 hour game made for an RPGDX RPG making jam. the set theme was 'LOFI' which I interpreted by trying to strip rpg gameplay to its core components.
Yet another Ludum dare 48 hour game, the theme for this one was 'Cryptozoology'
ULTIMATE VENGANCE POWER 4: The Lemon of Justice!
Another game made in 48 hours for a ludum dare warmup, the theme was 'wierd/unexpected/suprise' so thats all the description I'm giving it!
A game made in 48 hours for the ludum dare competition, its a platform puzzle game... with a difference. yes, cliche I are.
Towlr Podge
A towlr game, so no instructions. if you absolutely hate games like this then play more at
A game I made for newgrounds's ROCK OFF competition. it fell a couple of places short of the top ten, but alot of people still liked it. all music is from the audio portal at newgrounds, and the artists are listed on the games page there. its basically a guitar hero type rhythm game.
A LudumDare game, not quite finished in 48hours but close. Its like MegaSuper:EXTREME but with timewarping instead :)
Bunnies of Fury!
This is a two player shooting game I made for a competition that never actually came to anything, but as far as I know it was the first flash game with proper split-screen play. anyway, if you like games like liero this is for you :D
My second game for an RPGDX compo, its not finished but I hope to get it done someday (its actually like the 4th attempt at making this game I've done)
Made for the GammaIV event (though it wasn't selected) its a one button game about a guy riding a firework. (it also happens to be the basis for Swift*stitch)
A Fishing Adventure
Use your grappling hook to catch fish, then use said fish to get you through the level.
This is an old project I might come back to some day, an incomplete exploration platformer. (the music is by the Brilliant Funky Chickin)
Foresight Concept
Just a concept about being able to see into the future and using that to navigate, haven't figured out a way to make it 'good' though.
Platform Lemmings
My first ever really complete game, and the bane of my school's ICT teacher lol. I figured all the different lemming abilities could make for a cool platformer, so some ripped sprites and midi files later, this was born.
My first attempt at a 'pure' artgame, made for a mini ludum dare hosted by increpare.
Shout n’ Dodge
Originally made overnight as a test for microphone input based games, when weebl offered money to game devs for games to put on his site I suggested this and he went with it, modding the graphics and making his own audio.
Crumpet Vs the Tunnel
A quick game I made while I was on the train between home and uni, I was trying a unique score counter out too.
more a toy than anything, but people seem to enjoy playing with it so here you go.
Mega Popoidz

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  1. Krizzaaa says:

    Hey Sophie, I like the variation in your games and you sure have talent! I was wondering if you are working on a bigger, more serious project too? I like the IndieBuskersBundle idea 🙂