Mystic Realm Dizzy

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[ Left ]/[ Right ] - Move
[ Z ] - Jump
[ Down ] - Drop from ledge
[ Up ] - Cycle through inventory
[ X ] - Interact/pick up item/drop item

Oh no! Zaks the evil wizard has once again captured Dizzy's girlfriend, Daisy! The other yolkfolk need help too, looks like another adventure for Dizzy!

I wanted there to be a Dizzy game for Pico-8, so now there is! Heads up though; I've tried to be faithful to the classic Dizzy games - that means limited lives, rubbish platforming, cheesy dialogue and a kidnapped damsel.

This game was made using the wonderful Pico-8, the forum thread for the game is here.

Music Credit:
Huge thanks to @gruber_music for making a brilliant pico-8 version of the Amiga Magicland Dizzy theme :D

Obviously; this is a fan project and not an official dizzy game.